The Garden Universe

After a great deal of thinking, I have decided The Garden Universe needs a major rewrite. Please consider the setting as it currently exists to be temporary, as I am working on some pretty major rewriting, retconning and overall polishing and will only put the new setting on the site upon its completion.

Last Updated- 09.28.2013 CE

My DeviantArt

Here is my DeviantART page, which will now host all my Terragen 2 and other new artworks.

Non-Garden Universe Work

A list of writing and art submitted to and/or featured outside of The Garden Universe.

Last Updated- 05.03.2014 CE

Classic Terragen Gallery

Gallery of old Classic Terragen images. Will will no longer be featuring artwork on this site except within The Garden Universe itself.

Last Updated- 07.30.2012 CE

It takes money and expensive software to to keep a domain name and create artworks with Terragen 2, occasionally get some new software, not to mention occasional PC updates to run it all. In the future, expenses related to getting published could even come into play. Please lend your support if at all possible, every donation is very much appreciated.

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